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Training & Approach

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Training & Approach

Staff Training:

Our staff is given 2 month training before working as the valet driver as the quality management manual. Staffs is well aware of the valet parking operations / services and 8 days special supervision will be given to the new / emerging staff to get to know about the premises and to satisfy the guest queries about the premises.


Staff will be provided with fans in summer season and with jackets in the winter season in order to sustain in changing weather conditions

Staff Welfare

Accommodation and transportation is provided by the company, further facilities as per UAE labor laws are provided. And we have sports team of our company and staff for the recreational activities.

People Development Strategy for Performance

Recognizing the value of our workforce as key to business and competitive success and focused on achieving our goal of being ‘the No1 Service Provider wherever we deliver services’, we have a people development strategy using Investors in People benchmarks that seek to:

  • Provide quality introduction to our business and our client business and develop core competencies, knowledge, skills and behaviors
  • Reinforce our company ‘SERVICE’ values:
    • Supporting teamwork
    • Ethical
    • Respectful
    • Valuing diversity
    • Integrity
    • Continuously improving
    • Expertise
  • Develop positive leadership in our supervisory and management teams to promote a motivated and high performing workforce
  • Provide our people with the full range of technical, legislative and business training and development for their current and future roles
  • Provide career development and achievement opportunities for recognition and progression.

We recognize that the first day in a new job can be a daunting experience and that the first impressions that we give a new employee will stay with them for a long time. Research shows that within the first three months of starting a new job, the induction and on-going support given is key to building confidence, and aiding staff retention. In addition the more structured and comprehensive the induction, the quicker the individual grasps their new role and job requirements helping them become productive, efficient and happy in their role.

Swiss Valet Parking Service therefore support new employees with welcome introductions and comprehensive company, contract and job role induction to ensure they gain positive first impressions and become fully competent in a short period of time.

All staff will receive a welcome pack prior or on commencement containing:

  • Reference booklet containing useful familiarization information about the company, its people and plans
  • Vision and values information
  • Useful company and people contact details
  • Handbook of employment, policies and procedures information
  • Company health & safety booklet

Our structured review processes, including formal and annual quarterly reviews, will ensure that any identified training needs are quickly identified and addressed.

To support the specific needs of the contract and utilizing the most appropriate learning approach, various bespoke materials will be created. A 6 week induction period will commence with a five day training programme.

This is designed to generate high levels of competency before being introduced to guests. Following this initial training on the job coaching will be provided to embed new skills. Progress will be monitored at four, eight and 12 week intervals ensuring that any knowledge gaps are quickly addressed.

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